Hello Divas, I hope this post finds you well. I have been thinking a lot about being an adult. And I finally feel like an adult woman. I know what I want and I am taking care of myself. I am being responsible about my choices.

I realize that there isn’t a right way of being an adult, you just are one. You are going to do mistakes, you are going to be confused, but you know you are the one responsible for your life. Life isn’t easy, but with 2 verbs I think we can make it just fine.

TO TRUST: We need to  trust that life is going to be better. We need to trust that we are going to make it. We need to trust that we are going to achieve our dreams. We need to trust that everything is possible. We need to trust that we are capable.

TO IMPROVISE:  We need to improvise and work with all we got. We need to improvise and pretend that we know what we are doing. We need to improvise and play the cards carefully. We need to improvise until its better time. We need to improvise and save money. We need to improvise and juggle two full-time jobs.

So, if you are improvising and trusting, not matter how age you are, you are an adult. Life is about going no matter what, improvising with what you have and trusting in better days.

Divas, please let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about it!!!  I will be waiting for them!!!

A huge kiss to all Divas in Brazil and in the world.

Tara <3

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